Many years ago on the Facebook, as we seem to measure time through our perception filters, I trolled a graduate of the London School of Economics named James Pavlick; I performed these actions for a reason.

I prefer to look back and see my effect on him as beneficial; in many respects he was one of those social media bullies, so my repeated strikes against his psyche were hardly unearned and to an extent one could see them as just.  I know I got deep into his thought box with minimal effort of my own.  The cliche of occupying head space rent free rings true.

It’s been said, falsely, that a Pavlick is simply a Republican or a troll or a dumb “conservative”

I targeted Pavlick because he’s a snob, because of his inability to defend a single idea that he and I shared in a well-constructed logical argument, and in no small part because of his actual bigotry.

A Pavlick isn’t a right-winger or a Republican, by definition.  A Pavlick talks down to people without due position.

James Pavlick was a bigot towards the poor and donated money to the rich.  That sort of person deserves an emotional crushing.