Taking off the Gloves…One Big Ass Reason I Have a Problem With $15 an Hour Minimum Wage for Burger Flippers

Aside from the more obvious economic reasons that make the foolish
narrative of flipping burgers now the example of “blue collar work,”
there is a more pressing issue that I have as a degree holding college

From 2002-2010, I spent off and on time working to
pay for going to college; in the process I amounted a crap load of loans
(not as bad as others thankfully) that looking back, had I known then
what I know now, I would have never taken those loans out in the first

Currently, I am still in the process of securing a
viable job in my career field because my job changes like the wind,
depending who takes over the program! As a college graduate who has
spent years working those low-level jobs that do not require a high
school education; it personally appalls me to think that such a job
should be demanded and treated as a “blue collar” type of employment!

I am not knocking anyone who is working that type of job in Wal Mart,
Wendy’s or wherever; all I am saying is that this is a slap in the face
to anyone who spends time going to school “JUST TO MAKE A JOB $15.00” an

Its not hard…you go to work, you flip a burger, you
go home. I mean seriously….$15 an hour, get the hell outta here with

Strike if you want to, but when these companies start
using machines to do your “$15.00 an hour labor” don’t worry, the
government will take care of you! The day flipping burgers becomes a
standard for financially running a household is the day I am going to
demand every dime back for my college education


— Mel Whitlock