Since it became painfully apparent in mid-2019 that the Generic Democrat, none other than Joe Biden, would collect the plurality of delegates necessary to win the Democratic nomination for Presidential candidate, the Current President has clumsily attempted to draw up and pull together a narrative to destroy his projected rival. The main thread in this tapestry of corruption, nepotism, influence peddling, blackmail, and vice is the former Vice President’s son Hunter Biden.

It’s difficult to process whether Hunter Biden’s actions relate to his father’s political career beyond the obvious reflection of Joe’s impact as a father and beyond that it’s questionable whether the son’s decisions would be detrimental to his father’s if they hadn’t been dug up by political rivals. The fact that President Trump’s investigation likely stemmed from selfish political intentions doesn’t alter the relevance of the information that was brought to public light. That information would never be brought to public light under other circumstances, in large part, because the fourth estate tends to cover for Democrats and their affiliates, allies, associates, and ilk. If the information was never brought to public light and Joe Biden became President in January 2021 it’s possible that someone would possess leverage over the new chief executive. That sounds too obvious.

Let me reframe this: while I always knew that this narrative could be significant keeping track of it was never relevant to my ongoing interests. Yet at this point, October 2020, there is now a tribal division over the relevance of the Hunter Biden Thread to any ongoing narrative pertaining to the Big Man himself: Joe Biden. That tribal division, like most, is obnoxious as various spectators (which most of us are) gormlessly repeat whatever story they were fed less than a week earlier, all of them desperate for a dopamine fix from a mostly anonymous fellow traveler in the form of a “like”. I can’t say whether Hunter Biden will influence enough voters in the relevant states to affect the outcome of the general election nor do I genuinely want to know all there is about any of the Generic Democrat’s middle-aged groin spawn.

RazörFist The Rageaholic 2020-10-26

The best reason to presume that the extranational and extralegal activities of this particular individual are relevant is that various journalistic institutions are apparently colluding to bury it.

That said, it’s idiotic for those of us in the peanut gallery to insist to one another that “Hunter Biden’s laptop” is especially meaningful until more facts come to light. To that end the facts ought to come to light before we determine their relevance, not squelched because a gatekeeper determines that relevance for us.

I am officially annoyed by the Hunter Biden saga, in part because I cannot choose a name for it, and in large part because it cannot possibly be as important as its prominence suggests; at the same time it’s apparently prominent for a reason beyond that the Republican Presidential campaign and the American President want it to be prominent.