Long ago I wrote that New Years Resolutions were a toxic superstition. Your resolve to improve yourself should be constant and immediate. Hinging your efforts for self-betterment on arbitrary time markers and cultural holidays is good only for marking time when looking back. 2020 obviously proves that, but most people won’t notice. People rightfully associate this past year with negativity because of PlagueWorld and the resultant sociopolitical calamity as well as events that likely would occur in 2020 regardless. Many claim that the New Year does away with the difficulties of the Old Year; people ought to make that an aspiration that one can act on; ideally the New Years Resolution is to identify the mistakes of the previous annum and course correct. There is no practical difference between a week ago and today.

Set aside any circumstances beyond your control. Recognize what in the world you cannot control as aspects of life you should not control. That leaves what you ought to do for the sake of you and yours. If you haven’t done what’s both necessary and within your control to make a positive change then it’s either childish or silly to just expect that positive change.

If you haven’t planted the seeds for 2021 to be different than 2020 then for most intents and purposes it won’t be so different, at least not immediately. Yet we should be grateful for good things that happened outside of our control, just as we mourn the passing of Dawn Wells and Chuck Yeager.

With the so-called COVID Vaccine becoming available to people further and further down the priority list, the boot on the marketplace may be lifted and the number of caseloads and infections from the Wuhan Virus might decline. Even if the Virus doesn’t mutate and the Plague effectively ends the politicians may decide that safety should take precedence over agency and continue the security theater in order to assuage the constantly escalating fears of a not-insignificant number of voters.

The sociopolitical reality that determined the socioeconomic reality of PlagueWorld is the same now as it was during the Asterisk Year. 2020 ended and 2021 began; did the Asterisk Year actually end?

Why do you believe you deserve better?

Chris Arndt is a Trustee on the Oneida Charter Township Board; he’d like to think of himself as the “World’s Greatest Local Politician” but he’s not there yet.