Obviously I didn’t write the following CopyPasta but its use of the phrase “social contract” to describe the relationship between a government and the governed entertains me.

The “social contract”

1. A group of armed men in suits will take some of your money before you even see it. The amount they take can, and most likely will, increase—almost without warning and with almost no opportunity to dispute the increase.

2. A group of armed men in suits will also impose themselves as uninvited 3rd parties into specific two-party transactions, requiring payment of a percentage of your purchases. This amount can also change on a whim and will not be strictly limited to just those transactions in which they currently involve themselves. They might later decide to involve themselves in other transactions as well, offering you no little or no opportunity for recourse.

3. These armed men and/or their associates will provide you with services. Some of these services are necessary. They either monopolize them or they have a near-monopoly in the provision of those services, making it very difficult for private businesses to compete. Others are services you either do not need or do not want—or are downright detrimental to you. Even the services you do want or need will be inefficiently and/or ineffectively provided. Moreover, it’s likely that the quality of the services you desire will decrease even as the cost increases.

4. These armed men will also use your money to kill people who have neither the means nor the ability to harm you or your family. Afterwards, they will all but demand your gratitude.

5. They will also give your money to billionaires in this country and other countries.

6. They will also use your money to prop up politically-connected businesses that would fail without the largess.

7. They will use your money to hire thugs that will prevent you from doing things you want to do and force you to do things you don’t want to do. They will pretend that these thugs work for you.

8. They will protect some of your rights while violating others. As the years go by, they will protect fewer and fewer rights and violate more and more. You will have almost no chance to protest these violations.

9. They will create indoctrination centers called “public schools” in which they will teach your children that all of this is normal.

HT Archer T Shipps

who the hell is Archer T Shipps?

Centuries ago a government was constructed that required the consent of the governed. As years went by the governed tacitly consented more and more in an indiscriminate, almost mindless fashion. The government as designed only functions properly when the governed hold their elected officials in that government to account. Since we’ve failed to do so, because of a variety of reasons and conditions, we’ve created conditions which make it nearly impossible to hold certain elected officials to account while we’re effectively unmotivated to act against others. This is the double-edged sword of so-called “representative democracy”.

The source of this thing as far as I can tell

The “social contract” 1. A group of armed men in suits will take some of your money before you even see it. The amount…

Posted by Les Kyle Nearhood on Monday, January 4, 2021