Rick Henderson explains that Joyce Meyer uses false teachings to gather an audience and her increased approval in this country means that the less educated in other countries use her and her lies as an authority.  So Joyce Meyer actively hurts the ministry.  And makes money for it.  Lovely.  Near as I can tell from the examples all of her lies are so very very close to the truth but with enough of subtle twist to be completely false.

The truth is a narrow thing.

His condemnation of Joel Osteen is similar.  He notes one of my largest problems with Osteen, in that the Happy Talker is not theological and is not comprehensive in his presentation of God.  But Mr. Henderson is quite specific about indicating Osteen’s vile Prosperity Gospel message.

Like Rick Henderson I do not mind Christians being rich yet it should be a means towards something greater and never a goal for accumulation.  Meyer and Olsteen could use a more public correction.

I need to pick on this more.  I pray for the time.