Allen Clifton claims that Republicans want to create individuals that fit this description:

He’s a white male, strongly opposed to most other races and
immigrants.  Believes every single far right-wing economic theory
imaginable and actually cited Argentina as a “beacon for true
capitalism.”  He has no remorse for others, seems to live in a world
where he’s the focal point but he presents himself as extremely charming
and personable when you first meet him.  He has no problem ignoring
social ethics or morals if it benefits his self interest.  He’s told my
friend that people should only worry about themselves, and not care
about the struggles of others.  That in life, self interests should
trump everything else.
Then, and I kid you not, he apparently followed his “only worry about
your own self interest” speech by pressing my friend on why he’s not
more involved in church.
See, Stan is exactly the kind of person Republicans want to create.
A society of people who only worry about themselves.  People who
ostracize everyone that’s not like them.  Humans that value possessions
over people, and while they might give money to their church, it’s only
because their church is filled with people just like them.  And while these people go to church and call themselves “Christians,”
they’ve somehow convinced themselves that Jesus Christ was some
selfish, hateful, judgmental person who valued his own self interest
over the betterment of others less fortunate than himself.

The article tells a story with a convincing narrative, if your personal experience does not involve too much day to day interaction with diverse group of people.  I certainly have met people like this but I met them in college.  I rarely ever encounter(ed) them and their ilk afterwards.  The fact is that kind of people tends to bond with only one other and rarely with those unlike themselves so it’s rare for those sorts of bad people to interact with the average man.

After skimming a couple comments following the article I see ideological bigotry functions the same way on the Left side.