This whole thing is one nasty show and frankly part of me wishes I kept closer track of it as it happened in real time.

The problem with that, simply put, is that as the informaiton came out and kept coming out it there was a significant difficulty in determining what information was significant at the time, and how it would relate to the overall series of events.

As it is I wish I could recall what articles or channels alerted me first to certain parts of the story.  Facebook removed the “links” archival feature years ago.  Otherwise I could show you that a link from the Baron Cruz of Sealand informed me of the event first, and we had trouble determining whether it was self-defense or vigilantism that ended the life of Trayvon Martin. In the end political pressures put George Zimmerman on trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin.  George Zimmerman was acquitted, as there was literally no evidence beyond what the few witnesses could generate (and George Zimmerman was the only witness present to the killing/death, so there was no one to contradict his statement) so he was rightly released.  This entire saga helped shape scenarios, mostly fictional, for people to mold new racial arguments around.

The nasty show was made nasty because of politics and because wanted to make it political.  It almost sounds like an ouroboros after the death.

Who do we have to blame for the story becoming political?  I blame the President of the United States and NBC as a start.  Yet I blame rightwing punditry for overreacting other way.  At some point I saw Democrats and Republicans start to take sides along party lines over whether or not George Zimmerman murdered someone.

If someone were to divide it into a book, one could divide it into easy topical chapters almost chronologically.

  • The Mysterious Death of Trayvon Martin
  • The Vilification of George Zimmerman
  • President Obama versus George Zimmerman
  • The Martyr at the Expense of the Ignored
  • NBC versus George Zimmerman
  • The Vision of the Innocent Trayvon
  • Republicans to the Rescue
  • The Demonization of Trayvon Martin
  • The Revelation of NBC
  • The Trial of George Zimmerman
  • Partisanship
  • Justice For Trayvon Martin
  • The Verdict
  • Bastion of Racism
  • Homophobic Post-Trial Revelation
  • President Obama is Trayvon Martin

By the way, for what it is worth, Trayvon Martin will never get justice for whether George Zimmerman is innocent or not of murdering the young man, Trayvon is dead long before he could grow up.