I have never been in favor of “gay marriage” the way I hear about it on television (although I do have some ideas that should satisfy all sorts of moralists, libertarians, individuals, and people in love while infuriating social engineers and judgmental folk) and I certainly do not believe blanket amnesty should be absolutely available with the removal and forgiveness of reasonable consequences for illegal immigrants.

Yet despite those thoroughly right-wing stances I reject the notion that Republicans should regard homosexuals and immigrants (legal and illegal) as adversaries nor should any potential voter be treated as an adversary.  It is also true that taking imprudent actions that may lead to people believing themselves to be adversaries is ill-advised.

Certainly a Conservative or a Rightist or a Republican whose actions result in the election of a Democrat may consider themselves complicit in the ill-thought-out policies of a typical Democrat politician in that new position.  I do not consider that always to be the case, but it may be the absolute truth.

So accidental offense may be forgiven.  Genuinely treating someone like an enemy when they would be better off as a friend, when all you have to do is briefly explain a position and find common ground is a horrible crime.

So it is best not to treat people like they must vote against your ideas?

Now I would question why the pro-abortion organizations have a tight alliance with the Democrat political parties.  Why is that so appealing and so partisan?