Apparently attending the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School failed to provide the Boston Terrorists the proper foundation, educationally and morally, to prevent the Boston Marathon Bombing.

These were highly educated people.  Most people have established barriers preventing poor behavior.  Some of it is a line of morality for specific action.  Some of it is the belief that an action is acceptable but certain victims are not.

A moral framework is generally established within a combination of parentage (who actually raises the kids at home versus who conceived and birthed them), schooling, and when applicable religious upbringing.  Despite being Americans in many sense at least one of actors that would normally instill a proper sense of morality in these people has utterly failed.

One’s normal sense of what it is to be American at the very least generally prevents this sort of behavior.  That was not the case this time.

The CRLS has two notable claims to fame among others.  It is a public school and not a magnet school, indicating that anyone can attend if they are living in that school district.  It also has students from 83 different countries.  Perhaps this brand of education intentionally teaches a great respect for a respective background at the expense of promoting the values of this country although I am just speculating.