Founded in 2003 to store data on miscellaneous topics, Apologies Demanded is ultimately just a blog.  I hate that word and it astounds me that our language has evolved to create it and foist it upon us.

An early participant in the blogosphere, Apologies Demanded and its enormously wonderful creator, Chris Arndt, quickly diminished in cultural and subcultural significance and now languishes in obscurity.

The original limitation of the Apologies Demanded weblog was that I wouldn’t write about myself.

At this point the blog exists to service all topics and to be the reference to where I sent people if I don’t want to repeat myself on a given topic.  To that end the blog is unfinished. Hopefully it will be a finished, discrete entity some day and published as book.   Most likely that book will also be obscure and rarely read by a few people, if more than one.