Nia Sanchez in a bikini

I haven’t yet decided on a consistent appellation for the newly re-famous ex-athlete yet, although I am leaning towards the name that his mother gave him, if only because of my confidence that the history books will still regard him with the nomenclature under which he established his place in distant athletic history.

In the end “Caitlyn Jenner” will be the name recognized as what he used after he ceased doing relevant stuff,

This is ESPECIALLY true if/when transgender modifications become more commonplace.
Nia Sanchez in a bikiniAs he has newly re-entered the realm of fame the Miss USA organization invited Bruce Jenner to judge this year’s beauty pageant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Obviously they are using his new name. If one were to ask what her qualifications are to judge the contestants the answer is fairly obvious. Jenner is definitely an expert on fake boobs.Likely he can skillfully detect them from the judge’s table.

Obviously I’ve decided that it’s not “too soon” to make these jokes.  Removing the more politically charged elements from this affair, which mostly involves stripping off tropes, cliches, and bumper stickers about “bravery”, “courage”, “acceptance” and “tolerance” and then avoiding the “it’s none of your business” banality we have a public figure that surgically changed his body (we make Pamela Anderson jokes) and changes his name (we make John Cougar jokes and Prince jokes and Ron Artest jokes).  A man does both at once he’ll receive both sets of jokes simultaneously.

Now while it appears that I’ve typed an extra paragraph after my punchline as a preemptive defense from critics that is definitely not the case.  For one thing I do not have enough of an audience to get criticized by anyone significant, let alone someone significant enough to have a significant enough sized audience to affect my attempt to grow an audience.  The genuine reason for these extra paragraphs is not to indulge in more philosophy about identity or identity and humor. This is a blog, after all, and I can use another post for that purpose and it would be more appropriate.  The reason why I’m including this extra wall of text is not merely so you can spend more time reading this, and therefore getting more bang for your free, but so it looks more elegant when we show  another photo of Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez in a bikini.

In hindsight the worst thing I’ve said here is the allegation that beauty pageant contestants have breast implants.