I took several breaks from the C-SPAN live feed over the course of the Rand Paul Filibuster, in large part because the video stream eats through a ton of data and I’m paying for that.  I did incur an overage for patriotism.

It also should be noted that most of what he was saying in the later hours while cogent, coherent, and articulate, were also blatant but unintended reruns of what he was saying in the first 6 hours or so of the filibuster.  I also did not care to listen to Ted Cruz read tweets nor did I think every “question” was worthwhile either.  Nevertheless one cannot really tell if Rand Paul had ended his filibuster or not before checking the feed by any more worthwhile and faithful method than this website, which answers the question: Is Rand Paul Still Talking?

Obviously the answer is NO.  When he was talking the website looked like this and there was a timer.  I thought the project was wonderful.