I’m gearing up to move Apologies Demanded from its Blogger build, template, Blogspot hosting, and Google technology over to hosting the once-mighty beast over on chrisarndt.net and using wordpress to manage and construct the currently weak animal, complete with hopefully a much better and more permanent template…. and certainly one less obsolete.

If all goes according to plan the blog will gain a wonderful subdomain and be post-able, linkable to social media with all the neat preview toys intact.  Sadly I don’t know how to do that.  Thankfully I have friends.

Now a fair question that no one has asked me, likely due to my annoyingly high level of obscurity, is why are you going to use wordpress?  I’m using wordpress, broadly, for its versatility. One of its features that really grabs my attention is the ability to use categories and tags.  Tags are essentially what Blogger uses as Labels, I think.  Blogger is more primitive in that regard.  Wordpress is also generally more powerful for use when constructing a website that isn’t a blog.

I’m offered a better toybox with a better range of abilities to organize, search, and show off my displayed thoughts.  If I intend to be a writer, I might as well build something that displays that sort of intent.