Not all entries in this series are created equal.  It is Friday morning and the first day of the conference.  I am late; I am waiting for something or someone; I am not sure what.  I will leave in a few minutes and I cannot say when I next I can blog.

I can say this: I lack the technology of most of these individuals.  I shall explain later.

Suffice to say that whatever sort of individual I am now is a remade professional from the sort of professional I was in 2009.

The sad thing was I did not begin to embrace the concept of being a professional individual until summer 2006 and I’m not certain I fully embraced the concept until 2009.

The question I have for the participants and attendants at this conference, and not the panelists and speakers necessarily, is what kind of professional are you?  Is this political crusade of yours, is your activism, an expression of belief aside from the mechanism that feeds you and your family or is this what you do for money and how does that work?

Does that this activity, blogging and opinionjournalism, constitutes more recreation than wealth-creation, affect how you carry yourself, dress, equip yourself, network?

What exactly do you intend for your electric journalism project to turn into?