There are many protests near the capitol building lately from a variety of folks.  These are not my words, but they sound nice.

To everyone who is saying “this is what democracy looks like” because you are out protesting at the Capitol in Lansing, I ask you one question: why is it democracy when you do it, but racism when the tea party does it?

I love free speech, especially political speech, although using it necessarily is not literally democracy, and of course the tea party folk were not wholly racist. Of course in this instance the “you” refers to unions or leftists and either way I enthusiastically defend their right to do it.

I think its great they are out there today. I just wish they’d have the same respect for people who disagree with them.

That disagreement, unfortunately, is a manifestation of partisanship.  Oddly enough that disagreement allows people to notice true behavior differences.

Ask the people of WI what their beautiful Capital building looked like after the protesters left! They left garbage urine fecal matter and whatever else disgusting pops in your mind, but when the tea party protests they do it in a dignified matter, or as dignified as protesting can be! THEY CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES and KNOW HOW TO ACT RIGHT!;)

There can also be a partisan divide regarding terminology.

Union busting is an interesting term. I prefer “taking away the collective bargaining privileges of public workers because we, as taxpayers, can no longer afford them.” (You’ll notice I said nothing about your private union)… Except pro-union is, generally speaking, espousing big government and more intrusion into private life while the Tea Party, generally speaking, is doing the opposite.

Partisanship goes part and parcel with coalitions.  That is an actual discussion for April.