The “Comics Unleashed” host took issue with the president’s use of the word “thugs” to describe the looters and arsonists in last month’s Baltimore riots.
“We’re being murdered in the streets. We’re being murdered in the courtroom. We’re being murdered in boardroom,” Mr. Allen said. “You have to stand up at some point. It’s OK to be the president of the United States and also be a black man. It’s human. And guess what? People will respect you more if you stop acting like you’re not.
“President Obama is, at this point, a white president in blackface,” he added. “Black America would have done much better with a white president.”

Or it’s outright racism.

Although I won’t dispute inequality in the courts or even possibly in the boardroom… although that last part may simply be jealousy from a television executive whose works primarily appeared on MyNetworkTV, or maybe UPN at best.

I’m not one of those that will jump to declare “thug” synonymous with the N-word and I condemn those that do.

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Really this sort of accusation is gross and uncalled for.  Mind you one blessing of the First Amendment, protected political speech, is so Byron Allen and others can expose themselves as jackasses.