Erick Erickson is nominally a grade-A Master Douche-Bag.  How he managed to con people into joining his audience is something I am never entirely sure.  Which is not to say that Redstate is not a fine product where a lot of people provide content and few people collect ad revenue (basically making Erickson a small business version of Google/Blogger, which I shouldn’t be against…. except I tend to think of Google as a sort of government in and of itself…. but that’s a philosophy for another time).

My general wonderment at the Son of Erick having an audience is that his massive level of contempt for other human beings. Every month month or week he posts something on the internet or says something on his radio show (which still is not in my market so I barely consider it of note) that makes me observe that he is the kind of ass that likely would get beaten half to death in a bar fight…. just for shooting his mouth off.

As an aside when I’m in a bar I converse easily with the patrons around me.  Mostly because they must be buzzed and therefore have low standards.  Self-deprecation!

Back to the point where I support my argument.

To celebrate Memorial Day Erick Erickson insulted a large number of his audience or his potential audience.

Let’s be honest, whether or not the generation that won World War II and defended freedom is truly the greatest generation is not only debatable it’s completely tasteless to debate it even though they brought the New Deal, expanded the role of government and diminished the role of the private sector in the realm of caring for our fellow man. That said there is nothing to be gained by having an argument about whether “old people suck” or not. We debate policy and our way of life or we move on. The point of Memorial Day, after all, is to celebrate freedom and remember sacrifice. We celebrate the fallen and their cause by being free and making feast. This is good. It is not a day for weeping and grousing.

straw men

Although if you are still mourning the loss of a loved one that gave their lives in combat for our freedom, we are there for you. We’re Americans. That is what we do.

So in order to praise these heroes, the Son of Erick insults an entire generation (which oddly enough, contains many heroes that gave their lives in the last two wars).  To praise people from World War II he asserts the straw man that young people all think that they are the greatest generation, which of course, I have never heard anyone of my generation or young say.  So he insults them with a lie and then uses his lie as the basis for his argument.  He did not have to do that.  How does he still have an audience after asserting that most of his audience are self-praising jerks?  Most of us honor our heroic dead and sympathize with those left behind without turning on the living heroes… or the heroic dead of the modern generation.  I can’t say for certain I’m a millennial but my nephew is.  He’s a decent person, humble, hard-working, and like a lot of people’s sons and nephews, deserves better to be insulted by a C-grade radio show host.

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Master Douche-Bag
Erick Erickson by Gage Skidmore” by
Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

simple update via a Facebook friend:

The average age of service ranges from 29 in the Army to a mere 25 in the Marines. Those ARE the Millennials.

Of course putting people down is the only way the Son of Erick knows to raise people up.