The Left-Wing Democrat meme is that when Republicans vote “no” on various policies then the good intentions behind what would be a destructive policy are then thwarted along with the policy.  This is obviously not the case, as Jon Hulinek notes in a letter published in the Lansing State Journal on October 19, 210.

Do you remember when a no was a no?

When my boys wanted to date at 14, the answer was “no.” I told them they could when they were 16, and no whining would help them. The answer from their mother was also “no.”

Time are tough, so the tough get creative. You can have two items from the dollar menu, not three.

Let’s get creative together and look for new ways a “no” can spark new ideas. You know, sometimes a “no” is the better way in the long run.

Jon Hulinek

Quite often an end result must be achieved but a method towards that end is found faulty or destructive an alternate means to that end is found. Partisan Democrats eitehr refuse to see that or are lying in regards to the concept of Republican “no” votes.