What is important is the Spartan victory.

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MSU vs. UofM Weekend Update
Dear Friends,
As families and friends all across Oakland County gather for the big game, we can put aside our political differences for a few hours to focus on a different battle — for supremacy on the gridiron.  But when you think about it, political campaigns and football games have similarities.  For example, there are fans who believe a great ground game is the key to winning, while others believe it’s the passing game that’s more important.  Still other fans think defense is what matters most.
In a campaign, volunteers like you make our ground game unbeatable.  By making phone calls, going door to door and working the polls, your hard work is the key to making sure every supporter of our cause votes on November 2nd.
At the same time, you provide the best defense against the vicious assault of deceptive, false, negative ads our opponent is putting on the air.  By telling the truth about me to your friends and neighbors, you neutralize the millions spent on negative ads that lie about me and my record.
So the bottom line in the campaign is this:  A great ground game and an impregnable defense of truth will win this election over the the lies and mud filling the airwaves.
Make sure to read on to learn more about how you can help us win on Election Day and get America back on the right track to a more prosperous and secure future.

P.S.  Our campaign is excited to announce the grand opening of our satellite headquarters in Rochester Hills.  Volunteers in the northern part of the 9th District can pick up yard signs and door-to-door materials, as well as make phone calls to voters from this new office.  The new office is at 945 S. Rochester Rd., Suite 101, in Rochester Hills.  PLEASE CALL THE MAIN HQ @ 248-556-4400 FOR HOURS OF OPERATION BEFORE STOPPING BY.