says so and he explains why.

In the end I think a good deal of Wolverine fans should let go of the notion of “Little brother” or that every game in the continuum of the respective football programs is relevant today. The Wolverines have won more games in the course of the rivalry yet the Spartans have a winning streak 3-0 between the two. These days it is generally more of a toss-up between the two and while today will go to the Spartans because the Wolverines’ quarterback and chief scorer is nearly shattered physically (before the game) as time goes I expect that neither program will be able to cleanly and confidently just know who will win. Our program is improving in its consistency and the Wolverines’ have just righted their own ship, I think.

Who know? Maybe in the long run of decades of football MSU will catch up. I doubt it though. Far more likely is that those early wins will be forever unmatched and we have a new era of competitiveness.

And Jeff Lauster is an idiot for saying that MSU victories don’t count until we catch up in the long-list.