I knew about the Coffee Part USA for some time now, since its first few barely claims to fame and I have barely any opinion.

  1. Why should I care?  It is another case of leftists missing the point by trying to spin the perceived gimmick, what aspects they see as biting and taking a twist on the irrelevant.
  2. A narcissist tries to create a counterpoint to a grassroots movement by organizing from the top down.
  3. The Coffee Party certainly is a bizarro version of the tea party movement because it is top down, organized by an indivdual with her vision put first.
  4. Of course she sees the opposite of tea as coffee.  In the late 1700s the counterpoint to tea was not drinking tea.
  5. The leftists see people in crowds seeking redress against the legislators and they counter it by gathering in coffee shops and calmly…. mocking them.
  6. Gathering in hipster lefty shops and mocking people is called a movement.

I was not surprised to learn a few weeks ago what Newsbusters revealed in March: that the so-called founder of the Coffee Party is not what she claims to be.  She claims that she arbitrarily got sick of the Tea Party anger (her words, not mine) and created a counter-movement and is now suprised to lead a national movement.  She is a political operative (not a mere volunteer for the Obama Presidential campaign but a mover and shaker with a money trail and paycheck) that is running a political operation designed to pose as a grassroots movement.  The movement is failing to be a movement. They had a national convention recently and it failed along the lines that success would be declared.  Coffee Party is about attention and building a comparison between what it sees as calm support of leftist principles versus the right-wing anger.  It needs media attention to make that comparison.  Some people came and only one media outlet noticed.  Maybe a little more paid attention.  This is hardly a bloc that matters.

This proves that the Coffee Party is all what I thought it was: not much.
They missed the point and nobody cared.