I know it is literally ironic when Calvin Johnson scores a game-winning touchdown complete with putting his feet on the ground, gaining and keeping possession while in the endzone and yet the score remains exactly the same because a referee invoked an obscure and poorly-conceived rule that implies that Calvin Johnson stood up too soon for his victory to actually count (thus the Lions lose the game officially even though they played the game to a by-the-skin-of-the-teeth victory).

The irony of which I write is that when I Googled the Lions Bears Johnson touchdown game in question to remind myself of the player’s name (some Lions’ fan I am) I got this article immediately at the top of the list.

Calvin Johnson’s spectacular touchdown among highlights in Lions’ loss to Bears

Published: Monday, January 04, 2010, 1:30 PM Updated: Monday, January 04, 2010, 5:31 PM

calvin-johnson-04.jpgAP PhotoDetroit’s Calvin Johnson, right, is lifted up by teammate Gosder Cherilus after pulling in a 5-yard touchdown pass against Chicago.It is time to hand out game balls to the Detroit Lions — one each on offense, defense and special teams — following their 37-23 loss to the Chicago Bears in the regular-season finale Sunday afternoon at Ford Field.

Calvin Johnson
— The third-year wide receiver had one of his best games of the season against the Bears. He led the team with six receptions for 86 yards and also had a 4-yard run. He contorted his 6-foot-5, 239-pound frame into all sorts of difficult angles to make a couple of spectacular catches, including a 5-yard touchdown grab over the outstretched fingertips of Bears cornerback Zackary Bowman in the back corner of the end zone in the fourth quarter. That tied up the score 20-20.

Naturally if I googled the same thing again I probably would have gotten the recent game. That is really the only irony I mean: the Google irony.

That said, the most recent game hacked me off (as anyone who was subscribed to my Twitter could see), especially because not only did we need the win, but because it was a catch, a definite catch, a touchdown in all but official call, and only a fool would say it was not a catch, or call it a non-catch or say that Calvin Johnson did anything but what was the right thing to do as far as any professional football player could conceive under the circumstances. Any sportswriter or sportscaster that says he screwed up needs to be drummed out of the respective industry.

Next I transcribe my Tweets on this. I was quite incensed.