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The above is a joke, however profound. The truth is that the news rarely covers the National Aeronautic and Space Administration unless it about stuff blowing up in horrible catastrophic accidents or unless NASA demands money. There are some exceptions but I can barely recall any. Public Television coverage and the NASA cable channel do not count.

However if you wish to know more about some of the cool stuff from NASA, there is the official Hubble space telescope website. Also

in most images the colors are representations of mineral abundances,
temperatures, or simply used to enhance contrast. There are some images in true color while in others the RGB channels are used for x-ray, IR, or UV wavelengths. “” At any rate, if you really want to know what the space sector is doing without paying for a subscription to Icarus or JGR Planets you can browse science sites like
There are also some great blogs out there… like: And if you like getting many sides of the story, there’s always:
(The byline should be “a battle in every comment space”, but still… I always learn something.)

I need to mention that I personally hate NASA but love space exploration and praise Astronauts. I will go into details later but while I praise the mission and believe that the United States should fund it the organization we created for that purpose has been insufficient to that end in many ways and should be either re-organized or replaced.

I also believe that the private sector should make a greter attempt at sending up Astronauts.