Back in 2008-10-25 the Bleeding Brain correctly suggested that associating Barack Obama with his anti-American buddies was an expensive, poor, and wasteful tactic and suggested “the ‘2 steps up and 3 steps down’ rhetorical device.” Of course the political planners up in the high parts do not read these sorts of weblogs.

Here is how it works:

Obama is promising hope and change BUT:

2) Obama did NOT deliver hope or change in his own city of Chicago.

a) Corruption is ongoing there (Rezko)
b) The education system is still rotten after Obama distributed grant money there. His children do not even attend the education system that he supposedly improved.
c) Chicago leads the nation in violent crime.

3) Obama did NOT deliver hope or change in the state of Illinois.

a) Illinois running record deficits during a time when Obama was a senator there.
b) Illinois has had among the highest unemployment rates in the USA. As Senator, Obama did not improve Illinois’s economy nor did he fight against those who he thought should have been improving the economy in the state of Illinois.

The big question is:

How can Obama claim to be able to bring hope and change to the great nation of the United States when he can’t even do small things in his own backyard?

3) He did NOT EVEN bring change to his home state of Illinois.
2) He did NOT EVEN bring change to his home town of Chicago.
1) He did NOT EVEN bring hope or change to the small neighbourhood where he worked as a community organizer.

Those who are trusted with little will be trusted with much.

Obama has NOT been trustworthy with even the small things. How can we trust him with our great country?

I believe it may have worked. I know it would have been more effective than what we saw.

The great injustice, one that galls me, is that the fools who mismanaged the McCain Presidential Campaign, and in another example the Fred Thompson Primary campaign, are still allowed to work in politics. For such massive incompetence they should be banned from the field and competent folk sought out and hired. I no longer have any interest in such work, but I know it is incredibly stupid that someone with talents such as mine (that someone not being me, but similar to me), or one of my friends, is still left out in the cold by these Republicans, ignored and disrespected, while fools who blew an election that by all rights was possible to win, still get hired.

Mind you, the point of no return regarding the Republicans’ possibility for Presidential victory was well before October of 2008, but that they failed so epically at so early a point in time only illustrates the massive incompetence, even the lack of proper vision and political philosophy.