for making my last post a reprint of a Republican press release.

I will definitely not apologize for the “the image of Republicans/Conservatives” series.

The Republicans, as a club and a cause, have suffered from the perception that they/we are just a collective of old or middle-aged fat white men, with lots of money. Trust me, we do not have that much money. Just the same the image of our ideology/philosophy shares that same stigma.

This must stop. We can only stop this by acting.

We should also encourage people to stand at the forefront as appropriate. Time will come when the educated youth should take point. The more we defer only to ‘aged is experienced’ the more we leave ourselves less prepared for the depredations of the Progressives and their sick movement.

Besides, attractive women portrayed in the proper light are the very best recruitment methods/actors when it comes to gathering idiotic young men. Then we trap them, educate them, and deploy these young people as activists and educators.