Well, I cannot help but think of Barack Obama as a young person, despite his generation being one older than mine.

John F. Kennedy was young, too.

So here we are – Veto Corleone: 15 Amazing Yearbook Photos of U.S. Politicians
National Review linked to it.

  1. Barack Obama has an afro and a big seventies-brand collar.
  2. Joe Biden looks pretty much the same, only he possibly was a handsome man.
  3. Nancy Pelosi confuses me because when she graduated high school she was quite an attractive young woman.
  4. Hillary Clinton was kind cute but you can see the evil in her eyes. Although you cannot see the true evil as we know it until much later, I reckon, or at least one year into the future.
  5. John McCain was actually a young man and I still do not see a future politician in his young eyes. He looks like he will be a military hero forever. Of course, that is a genetic condition in his family.
  6. Sarah Palin is attractive but I think she grew into it after high school and at the relevant vintage would not yet be my cup of tea.
  7. Mike Huckabee appears perfectly natural. You can see Governor Huckabee in his eyes. I do not know if he is wearing a hat or not.
  8. George W. Bush looks a bit too much like Will Ferrel (as opposed to “a serious politician”). That hair just makes an impression.
  9. George H.W. Bush is George H.W. Bush, but he certainly looks younger. “A handsome man” is the term?
  10. Bill Clinton possess, in this picture, the most honest, authentic-looking smile in any photograph of his life!
  11. Jimmy Carter has an intense look on his face.
  12. Rod Blagojevich is barely relevant. Of course I cannot recall what he looks like now, but his yearbook picture looks like that of a politician.
  13. Al Gore looks evil and self-important. Just like he does today!
  14. Dick Cheney has hair!
  15. Rudy Giuliani also has hair, but is not as handsome or formalized as the future Vice-President.

As an almost-politician bonus, we get to see a future Politician’s Wife, Michelle Robinson (who later took on “Obama” as a last name) in her high school Yearbook photo. She looks terrible.

Oddly, she looks pretty good on the cover of Vogue. In general I cannot find the woman physically attractive… something about the line of her jaw and/or her forehead, I think, strikes me.