The CNN Political Ticker is about President Obama seeing his Office (of the President) as a more casual thing than his predecessor but the comments reflect some memes that will not die. This does not mean that the comments are genuinely interesting; They are not. The comments on the ticker (like some I say on beliefnet on February 2) are simple, concise, and perfectly accurate examples of untruth that many Stupid Apes in my country dogmatically believe.

The fact that Former President Bush was dwelling on small little details such as wearing a suit coat in the Oval Office just further proves that he was asleep at the wheel… Figures he would zero in on small mindless things. That’s about all we were ever going to get from a “C” student.

The Left loves the idea that the President was simply stupid. The second-to-last guy they trumpeted as really smart, much smarter than the President, Senator Kerry, had inferior grades. But logically – an adherence to tradition is not proof of policy alertness. Of course, there is the call of war crimes.

Mr. President please go to work now and arrest Bush And Cheney and all their co-horts and send them to Gitmo… please take care of the last eight years first. Our country needs to be rid of this sewage for good. Please flush them to the place they made for themselves.

Disrespect aside, there are not actual crimes committed. There are obvious memes about war, hurricanes, and markets.

I wish he would have had a rule about helping people (Katrina), not lying (Iraq war), accountability (banks, insurance companies, and years of missing emails), and by all means a rule about protecting liberties (Patriot Act).

There are obvious things to remind the planet.

  1. The federal government is not obviously responsible to prevent people’s danger or harm. The federal government does not hold first responsibility for natural disasters. The first responsibility lies in ourselves, then our community, then our larger city, county, state, and then lastly we may turn to the nation to beg for scraps. The federal government may possess some resources that a hurricane-torn city full of idiots that never left may want to have, but the federal government does not possess the competence to adequately provide in unprescedented events. Hurrican Katrina was unprescedented. The severity of the disaster, however, was so only because so many people chose to endure the hurricane. If everyone but five people were smart enough to leave before the giant dambusting storm came down on the city like the hammer of God no one would decry the President for failing to respond to a massive disaster. But they would say he is a horrible person for not moving billions to help five people. Of course I could make the argument that so much federal aid money should never be dedicated to help the idiots from a single city. Instead I will make the argument that President Bush did more than many people could or would, and FEMA resources were put on standby as close as possible before the disaster occured and thus everything that could be done under the circmstances, was done. More was done than should ahve been done. FEMA is an agency full of incompetence. The President cannot change that; the President can be scapegoated and was. Then people demanded that the POTUS came down to oversee the damage. That is, of course, a waste of time and resources. No President’s expertise and knowledge was useful at the time, but idiots demanded the symbolism and the choice was either to go down for some photo ops of sleeves rolled up, or look like he did not care.
  2. The banks and insurance companies had more government accountability and regulation than was healthy. The federal government had controlling stakes in so many white-collar companies it was sick. Too bad there was no regulation over this government. Of course, the pats of the government that did most of this was left-wing legislature.
  3. The USA PATRIOT Act did not remove any rights that existed during the previous Presidential administration. Most of the people who claimed that the “Patriot Act” stripped liberties do not know that it is an acronym, that they had privacy rights the Act removed, and would love to see responsible law-abiding citizens stripped of their Second Amendment rights so that criminals who do not care about laws do not shoot up public places. Most of them vote for people who would strip the First Amendment rights from people who do not care for homosexuality.

Most of the people who crow about President Bush 43 taking liberties do not know what liberty means. Most of them would give up immense freedom so they could have the security of government-provided and government-promised goods and services. You would give up liberty for security? You deserve neither.

Now for irony.

Now better people, more honorable people, will have to clean up the disaster left in your wake. It has already started with ethics reforms and opening wide the Freedom of Information Act.

Of all of President Obama’s appointees for the Cabinet there are a Treasury guy who cannot pay the common man’s obligation of taxes, a Health and Human services guy who would not pay his own employee’s health, a Commerce Secretary undergoing Federal investigation, a law guy who went out of his way to get violent murderous terrorists out of prison without being asked, and I am sure I am scratching the surface. A lot of these “more honorable people” are criminals in their field, inompetents at their chosen obligation, or terrorist sympathizers. I would rather my nephews hold these offices. At least the ten-year-old knows that blowing innocent Americans up should be punishable. By the by, FOIA has been FOIA for decades; it is not opening wider.