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Tim Walberg US House
Jack Hoogendyk US Senate
Rick Jones 71st MI House
Joe Knollenberg US House

Only Rick Jones won and that’s really just an expectation, like gravity.

Sadly Tim Walberg lost.

I never cared about Joe Knollenberg except for the practicality of the matter. John McCain, “Nobama” was merely some weak half-leftist not-quite-my-guy alternative to the liberal fascist and while “voting against” is certainly a choice, it’s not a basis for electoral Get-Out-The-Vote efforts, unfortunately. Jack Hoogendyk was 5% short of my hopes but I knew he would not win.

Detroit awarded the statewide elections to the Democrats usually. This year we even saw Eaton County going to Obama, I think. How horrible. Was this a repudiation of the increasingly leftist Republican Party? Or is it merely a bunch of unionists migrating?

Both proposals passed, despite that Proposal 1 was poorly worded and Proposal 2 opens the door to government-funded junk science. Perhaps I should have linked to MiCAUSE but it is so obvious that those stupid links did nothing to create more than a single vote and probably not even that.

I would have voted for Proposal 1 if not for that last paragraph.

Rick Jones’ victory proves that the defeat of so many State Representatives or candidates for MI State House is not just a natural result of the Obama Wave, the phenomena of straight-ticket Democrat voting inspired by Democrat Barack Obama, but is in fact their own respective responsibilities. If a Republican lost a race he should have won, he can blame himself and his campaign. John McCain may have sabotaged Michigan’s GOTV efforts by pulling out, but it is up to a candidate to win his race where possible, and Rick Jones proved that victory is not an impossibility just because your ticket headliner has lesser popularity.

If you cannot carry your district because you relied on John McCain you are poor and do not deserve your seat unfortunately. I do not apply that to Tim Walberg. Yet ultimately the people of the 7th District slipped up and voted for the Fake Moderate. In the end Mark Schauer really is just another Liberal Fascist.

Now why did Rick Jones win when others had lost? Ask the others why they lost. Rick Jones won by working for his seat.
Could Tim Walberg have done something different and put in more to get a different result? I do not know.

I hope he runs in 2010.