Ever wondered where the Ned of the World may be?

What impact that Ned may have on his fellow humans?

Ned sounds like a simple man; it is odd that a short familiar version of “Edward” is lacking the last four letters but has an additional consonant to begin a new sound. That is Ned. Ned is a man that people frequently underestimate, in part because he introduces himself as a Ned and not using a formal version of his name. If he had no formal version then you ask what parents name a man “Ned”. A man named Ned would neccessarily not legally change his name to Edward because if he named Ned then Ned is his name. A name is a special thing and as to why one retains a name of all things tends to ultimately defy pure logic and in fact enters the world of sentiment.

What is one’s own can and should remain one’s own.

So meet Ned. The Ned of the World.

If Ned is merely the ordinary man, then I am a over-sexed ballet dancer. Ned is not merely an everyman, but a man who embraces who and what he is, defying the stigma. The stigma will not leave. The stigma is a beast hunting Ned.

So what if Ned defies explanation? Ned has to. Any man named Ned must defy explanation, and defy demands for explanation.
Ned works hard.

Ned earns respect.

Yet the world spins on. Unlike whatever you thought this was, the Neds of the World are barely footnotes and no matter how important Ned is or how important Ned becomes the World will never care about Ned and his life will not be cared about or reflected on by the World.

This is not sad. This is how it is. The way it is supposed to be has Ned, and if Ned were someone else the tale would be different. How can we really be surprised? We must not feel sorry for Ned or pity Ned. Ned goes on dates. Ned gets shot down. Is Ned really that un-ordinary? Is Ned extraordinary? It is not possible for Ned to be extraordinary. Ned does not, however, simply blend in. The uniqueness of Ned could spawn many an essay, except that is not the point. When asked very simply what the point is, Ned is quiet and lends his own ideas to any occasion.

Ned is three letters.
Man is three letters.

Ned is man.

Is this unreal? It this inconsiderable? How now and how not?

How inconceiveable must it be that the everyman is to some extent a myth and that all of man may lie down and rise up each as another Ned?

That is to say that every individual is an individual.

But whoever thought otherwise? Certainly that must be a redundent thought or redundent statement. But if that is true, then we must certainly insist, remember, that Ned must be not merely another individual. Are we all unique or are enough of us so similar that the world is a false descriptor? To that end any man named Ned is himself, but we cannot all be Ned.

So here ’tis to the Ned of the World. May he keep spinning, as long as there is someone to keep him on the tips of his toes.