From: Jason

Date: Sep 22, 2008 10:44 PM
Subject: “We The People” must now be bipartisan…………
Body: What Can I Say?
I had planned to write a blog tonight about this whole economic mess. About Obama being against the bail out and then for the bail out and then taking no position as the spineless whore he is, so he can wait and see what happens and then use that for his political BS games.

About McCain being against the bail out and then ultimately for the bail out and wondering what the hell is it with these candidates who can’t hold an opinion for even 2 days.

About congress being basically useless as they are supposed to hold the purse strings of the money but have been utterly devoid of any leadership or even understanding their own job.

About the Bush Administration and the Fed and how they have nationalized the banking, insurance, and mortgage industries almost overnight without even a Democrat to help them along until it comes time to OK it and add some more socialism and pass it on up to his desk.

All these things were in my head and then it hit me. With the exception of Ron Paul maybe, there is not one single politician in Washington that is competent or knows what they are doing.

Like it or not, this country is on the path to socialism through either Party in their current forms.

The American People no longer have any say in this country. Our government is a runaway government. They are passing a 700 Billion – 1 trillion+ Bail out package that makes us the tax payers responsible and severely weakens the Dollar.

Without this bail out it would have been tough on many people. Some would have lost their savings and retirement, and maybe more. With this bail out it will be even worse but not just for some of us, for all of us. With the dollar weakened, inflation will grow. Jobs will disappear. More people will lose their property. More banks will dump those Properties on the government even further weakening the dollar. This bail out is a precursor to a downward spiral.

Polls coming out show that both Democrats and Republicans are against it but our government will not listen.

We went to bed last night in a republic but we awoke today in a Nationalized society headed for total government control via socialism.

We can say that this vote in November matters but really, does it? After today, does it? Our elected leaders have stolen our country and are destroying it as we breathe. and it was not just one Party, it is both Parties.

Now is the time for “We The People” to come together in a bipartisan way. Call, Email, Write, go down to your Senator or Congressman’s office and TELL them not to pass this Bail out. The alternative is not pretty.