Ever think that this country misses something immensely serious when there are millions of dollars being used to convince people that someone is unfit for the Presidency because he is not computer savvy?

It’s a feint. “to hide the ball” I suppose.

Here is a problem. It is a feint. It is supposed to be an example and metaphor of how Senator McCain is out of touch with the common man. Of course ten years ago being able to type, use a word processor and surf the bloody internet were things you put on your resume as if they were something special and not what the absolute most common man can do.

The common man still cannot type as fast as I do. I type slower than your average secretary.

It is sick. The fact of the matter is that John McCain is likely one of the tech savviest of Senators, federal legislators and that as a household the internet is a tool. Yet he cannot use a computer. How is it that he can look so much into it and not know how to use it? He knows how others use it. He knows not how to use it himself because his hands have long since been wounded, broken. His shoulders were injured long ago.

This man cannot be postured to use these miracle machines.

I didn’t know this. I took reports of his purported incompetency at face value and decided it did not matter. It still does not matter. But if it did matter it would be a lie. So if this example is wrong, it means that a man who thinks himself worthy of the Presidency is so irresponsible that he wastes millions of dollars wrapping his enemy into tight little lie and then lies about the relevance, when the route cause of any difficulty is heroism and sacrifice, while the hero in question knows more about computers than the man who says the hero knows nothing, because he is ‘old’ and “out of touch”.

This triviality may possibly sway voters. That is sick. If it does not sway voters than the candidate that aired that advertising is sick.

So if you are the Democrat who decided it was all worth while, you were sick. And stupid.