I was watching a rerun (twice in one night) of an episode of Nova, “The Car of the Future“, primarily because it was hosted by the brothers that host the National Public Radio program Car Talk.

Ultimately the show has a lean towards futurism and new technologies, angles that are for automobiles that consume less petroleum, which is fine, because of increased cost and geopolitical baggage, as well as for the price (which is caused more by geopolitical baggage than market prices, yet still causes by growing world market problems), and the difficulty of procuring it (thanks to the American politicians, but that is not mentioned in the show). I like that.

I don’t like this:

JOSEPH ROMM: We can’t wait. We have to reduce our emissions starting in the next few years. If we don’t we’re going to find it virtually impossible to avoid catastrophic warming. NARRATOR: But is there too much at stake to be left in the hands of carmakers and consumers? DAVID GREENE: We’re not able to rely on individual decisions in the marketplace to solve the problem of climate change, to solve the problem of oil-dependence. It takes collective action. It takes government action. JOSEPH WHITE: It’s asking a lot of the auto industry to force the change all on its own. It’s not really their job. BETH LOWERY: If we decide we really want to reduce dependence on petroleum as a society, then we have to have the collective will to do so. And that includes making sure we have the right government policies in place, that we have the right vehicles in place, the right fuels, and the customers understand that that’s really a priority.

The emphases (in green, naturally) are mine. That excerpt is essentially the final paragraph of the show, the point of the writers and producers. This is an advocacy of Green Fascism, otherwise known as Eco-Fascism. These scientists, engineers, near-incompetent futurists,
and pseudo-scientists recognize that an intelligent market economist employed by the a facet of the automotive industry is going to react more immediately to what is immediately available in technology and where that crosses over with the demands of the market and the American population. This does not fit the worldview of the Nova people, so they wish to use force, to literally force the issue upon the public, including the individuals who work for and own the major relevant actors within the private sector.

The alteration of the market to fit the visions of the few (rather than the needs of the many), regardless of how many desire or need an actual commodity is in response to a vision of the future that involves global warming. It was even in the opening narration: “not to mention, melting ice caps from global warming”. Of course that is intentional, and cited to “many experts”. The problem lies in the reality that global warming is a phenomenon that many Americans are persuaded is true, although the process has not been proven in any form that resembles the accidental and artificial apocalyptic event that is popularly propagated. In other words Nova, PBS, advocates government intervention and force to prevent something that may never come to pass, but these precious and annoying few certainly believe is destined to pass without the government intervention.

Such is the nature of Eco-Fascism.