I do not believe that Barack Obama writes his own speeches. It would be the campaign’s fault, but it still indicates something about Senator Obama. I am uncertain what that something is.

The words/phrase in question, “this is our moment. This is our time,” was used by the Democrat Presidential candidate (at least) twice. The first, of the two prominent moments, was on June 3, 2008 in Minnesota. The second was in Berlin, Germany on July 24, 2008. The audience for both addresses was, in person, greatly different yet the media were prime attendees. What great show. The Obama excerpts take place in Berlin.

Bono is the frontman for the rock band U2 and the excerpts from him are from a brief speech he made at the Live 8 concert/event in 2005.

It is only theft because it was never credited.

It really does not matter, but it is annoying. Live 8 bothered me too.

I hate this ‘citizen of the world’ crap, let alone appeals for government policy for humanitarian concerns. Only free individuals can be charitable.