For it is not answerable to the needs, interests, demands, or beliefs of its individual members.

More importantly: if the national party, if the Party’s national committee expounds and enacts beliefs and goals that do not reflect (accurately) the diversity of its individual members’ beliefs, then it is a fetid stench.

The question then is “why”?

If the topic is “abortion” then the Party, its Party Line, and its agenda is not created by looking to the many church-goers in the Party, many Bible-believers, or even many Pro-Life hippies that are so pro-life they hate war, capital punishment, and have even turned to vegetarianism or veganism. Whether or not they are wack-jobs is not the point and I won’t explore those notions. However, if the left-wing party does have a responsibility to respond to those members’ ideas and beliefs I do not see it. They certainly respond to the demands of NARAL Pro-Choice American and Planned Parenthood.

Is this proper? I do not know. It is currently the position of that party that they respond more to the demands of certain interest groups more than they work to support the personal quests of even some of the legislators that are Democrats in membership. Was it a moral epiphany or political convenience that led to Al Gore becoming a supporter of abortion during his time in the US Senate? Abortion is only one example from the whole gamut.