Tim Walberg does town hall meetings. One of them monitored by the Jackson Citizen-Patriot gives examples of why I support Tim Walberg.

Here’s some examples. Tim Walberg has a definitive angle of No Child Left Behind.

The freshman Republican also said that even though he supports the principles behind No Child Left Behind — President Bush’s school-accountability measure — he does not support federal mandates in education. Walberg said he supports legislation that would allow a state or school district to opt out of the program if it already has accountability measures in place.

Despite that President Bush wanted it, pushed it, pushed for it, and championed it, NCLB is a federal education mandate and is inherently leftist given its Big Government nature.Here are some more right-wing viewpoints.

Among other issues:

  • Walberg said Michigan should be a “right-to-work” state, which would prohibit union security clauses that require all workers who benefit from collective bargaining to pay dues.
  • He said he supports secure borders, but wants legal laborers from other countries to be able to work in the U.S.
  • He supports the idea of the “Michigan Fair Tax,” which would eliminate the state income tax and raise the sales tax.
  • I’m going to get the Michigan Fair Tax folks to help my guy some more.