Carl Levin is like the wind or Everest. He’s always been and he’ll always be. Jack Hoogendyk has a chance. The fact is, however, that if you are betting on Michigan’s Senate race in 2008, betting on a Hoogendyk victory may be the move of a sucker or a soon to be rich man.

Then there are the Democrat moves to challenge Republican incumbents. Joe Knollenberg and Tim Walberg are major targets. The Dems’ edge there is slightly similar to Levin’s eternal edge. The Democrats’ fund-raising apparatus has equipped them with a more substantial war chest than the GOP.

What I have to say about Levin is the same. Michiganians keep him not because they like him but because they are used to him. In a sense it is conservative people straining to grab hold of a status quo and keep that. Ultimately his status as a thirty-plus-year incumbent grants him confidence from donate-people. Donate-people grant money to winners. This vision has allowed the Eternal Senator so much free cash then a challenger has almost Biblical-level difficulty in raising enough cash to be effective.

Tim Walberg is a target because his opposition to Leftist Bush-43 Education Program NCLB is one example of how far Right he is…. but being Conservative alone won’t make you permanent in Michigan Seventh District, although it helps. Permanence is put in place by a sense of permanence and that is granted by more than one term, and not one term.

Joe Knollenberg is one well-known and well-liked by MIGOP all over the place. I don’t care. My knowledge that he is well outside my District and the immediate electoral concerns of me and mine has led me to reject helping him or learning about him years ago. I’m sure I’d agree with him and that I’d like the guy but that’s not my business; my finite resources go for Walberg. That Knollenberg is well-loved by MIGOP has granted him a symbolic frame of wonderfulness, which is probably why the Dems have made him, of all vulnerable GOPpers, a special target.

Of course, this is all just conjecture.