Pat Buchanan talks about the Primaries. For Iowa he gives both Fred and Rudy and 20-1 odds. Maybe those odds are for nationally. Anyway, what amazes me is the irony of his prediction that if Fred loses Iowa substantially he’ll drop out and endorse McCain; during the Mackinac Leadership Conference the Arizona Senator was in the middle of his downturn and he hasn’t yet read his comeback so we anticipated his dropping out… and endorsing Fred Thompson. That was in October.

I like this bit.

McCain’s fate is not entirely in his own hands. He needs an assist. He needs Huckabee to defeat Romney in Iowa, where McCain will be waxed, then to come back and beat Romney himself in New Hampshire. Two losses by Romney in states where he has invested millions would put his campaign on life support. (emphasis mine)

Ultimately Mr. Buchanan puts it down, in his predictions, to a race between “Mike and Mitt”. Tastefully put the race would be between Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney but I’m not feeling tasteful right now. The race would be between

Tax Hike Mike and Multiple Choice Mitt

At this point I trust Pat Buchanan more than Bay Buchanan, but 20-1 odds are still beter than zero as my old math teachers would tell me,