One side of a one-sided IM conversation; note the references to a certain Charlton Heston movie:

(00:46:18) Arndt: Tancredo drops out
(00:46:24) Arndt: hopefully swings to Fred
(00:46:41) Arndt: Team Fred is boosted by angry right wingers
(00:46:59) Arndt: Mitt and Huck swoop in and fool them into thinking they’re nativist
(00:47:18) Arndt: Huck and Mitt fuse into Conservative AntiChrist figure
(00:47:38) Arndt: Craig Ferguson and Alice Cooper defeats the Fusion villain in pitched battle of music and comedy
(00:47:45) Arndt: the world narrowly avoid the apocalypse
(00:48:02) Arndt: then Roger Ebert passes gas and ignites the flame pockets
(00:48:14) Arndt: bikini babes all die. remaining males commit suicide
(00:48:40) Arndt: Fred Thompson and hot Trophy Wife repopulate the earth
(00:48:58) Arndt: John McCain and Rudy Guiliani come back and grab all the guns
(00:49:13) Arndt: so the Family must challenge the Fredmega Man