As novel an idea as I find it, it is hardly to practical to make a wager to a candidate who won’t take it and likely won’t find his numbers hurt by refusing to mention it.

Tancredo laughed at the idea that Romney was challenging other candidates’ Republican credentials. “I don’t think I were do that if I were Mitt,” he said. Tancredo added that his voting record is one of the highest rated in the field by Republican interest groups. “I have a record that is consistent. And I will tell you, as opposed to almost every other person on the stage, I think that that is the most glaring example of the difference between us, and certainly between myself and Mr. Romney.”

Tancredo then offered to take the debate one step further. “A hundred years ago, you would test someone’s veracity by a duel, or some other kind of physical test,” Tancredo said. “I’ll do this, I challenge Governor Romney to a trap-shooting contest here in New Hampshire. Loser drops out.”

It really doesn’t matter how right Rep. Tancredo is. Why the hell would Governor Romney risk losing a trap-shooting match if he promised to sacrifice the millions of dollars he invested in the campaign, over the outcome?

That’s right. Mitt Romney invested millions of his own cash in his campaign; I don’t see him sacrificing that, as well his time invested, and the work of his foot soldiers, simply because he lost a sporting match. Then again the person with the most to lose and the least to gain often is the least likely one to engage in debate and that’s the right thing. This was a waste of Tom Tancredo’s breath.