As some know I am on Facebook. This is not a public account page for some simple reasons. You don’t get to know that because it is off-topic.

I am trying to keep track of the info present in stuff that is not connected to me.

Tancredo for President 2008

Regular readers, or friends, or business associates will know that my man now is Fred Thompson, and regardless of who I like or liked I have to inform people that the Tancredo campaign does not exist in Michigan in any form except for the speech at Mackinac Island this weekend, and possibly his volunteer table.

I’m definitely going to Heaven is a worthy group that takes up space on my Groups list and doesn’t help me witness to unbelievers at all. Leaving the group does not imply that I am leaving the faith.

I remember Duane Tirrell
is a memorial facebook group for the father of my classmate from high school. May his family and my old friend find comfort from God; I hope Mr Tirrell is actually resting in place, in Heaven, with Jesus.

The TRUTH About Rescue Dawn is really just a boycott group and a link to a website that describes how this historical fiction action war movie took so many liberties with the actual facts that the depiction of these characters denigrates the real life people and the memories thereof.

James Madison College
Alumni Network

I will return to this group when I leave school again, preferably as a graduate.

Bring back “non-sporting” pictures of firearms on facebook!!

There are causes worthier of my time.

Spartans, Tonight We Dine In Appalachian State

MSU students, U of M football fans will get it but it lacks timeliness at this point.