I would do this if I were younger or if I had my degree but for now… I cannot afford to drop out of my final semester of school and abandon my plan to pursue this cash opportunity.

I leave it to you. Go fetch.

A group needs campaign workers. Details are as follows:
The teacher’s union in Utah is trying to outlaw vouchers and there is a conservative group that is leading a ballot initiative to stop them. They are paying a lot of money, plus the roundtrip flight and a food stipend. Any YAFers that are interested can contact the person below.
Here is the info.

Managers for Utah voucher ballot initiative battle…

Your compensation will be as follows:
1. PCE will pay you $6000, $3000 on October 15th and $3000 on November 6th.
2. PCE will provide your lodging.
3. PCE will provide a food stipend of $25.00 per day. This stipend will be paid in two payments, $550.00 on September 23rd and $600.00 on October 15th.
4. PCE will provide for your transportation.
5. PCE will pay for your flight to and from Salt Lake City .

You will report to Salt Lake City on September 23rd and will leave on November 7th.

thanks for the help.


Greg Graves
430 Phoenix Avenue, NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107