Recent attention to Governor Gilmore’s sudden departure from the race for the GOP Presidential primary may imply that I have ever rooted for the man or his purported intention for higher office.

Nothing could be further from the truth, except the notion that I had a real antipathy towards the candidate. Aside from generic annoyance at numerous “second-tier candidates” flooding the various stages and venues in the race to be the Republican candidate, I have held geniune apathy, and even at one point ignorance as I stupidly confused the campaign of a former governor of Virginia with the sort of “campaign” ran by John Cox, and acted accordingly. Various personalities have stated that they only learned of Governor Gilmore’s run when he stopped. The reason for Gilmore content in this blog network at all comes in two flavors: my yahoo address was shoved onto a Gilmore mailing list by some jerk and I get those press releases and upon the dissolution of his campaign effort a lot of the content was going to vanish into the MySpace ether and if I wanted to refer to it in the future it might as well be somewhere. The only reason to refer to the words of Jim Gilmore is regardless of who he is or how successful his efforts are, his words strike me as truly Conservative.

I just want off his mailing list where appropriate.

Appropriately my Presidential candidate, at least until recently, has been Tom Tancredo. Congressman Tancredo speaks with a clever tongue with a true Conservative mind in regards to philosophy and policy and truth be told the key to making sound policy is have your politics defined by sound philosophy. One leads to another. Only politicians, not statesmen or leaders, make policy without a guiding philosophy. Note all the people holding elected office, making desicions based on popularity surges, polls, and fashion. The Tanc has actually said many things which I believe would strike a chord with the American people, if not for the constant assertion of past statements, such as the infamous nuclear threat to mecca. Other problems include the gaggle of racists that support him and his causes, including David Duke, and the sheer lack of cash. If he could overcome any few of these issues, fundraising would not be a problem.

Most of all I find Tom Tancredo to be distinctly credible when he states that he doesn’t want to be President per se, so much that the run for President is his route to pursue his agenda. As President he would pursue an agenda for smaller government, and increased national security through a more secure border and stronger immigration requirements. Far more likely he would like to remain a Congressman for twelve more years or longer. I’d bet that being a paid legislator provides a more reliable income for family and self, especially without the pesky term limits. For that reason I don’t doubt that his plan and hope was to get the race itself, and his campaign to do the work for that agenda and draw attention to immigration reform. It is ultimately less costly on a personal basis to abandon a Presidential race to the more likely Republican, maintain his House seat, and have his effort draw attention to his political cause.

The reason I have moved away from Represenative Tancredo in his Presidential bid is Bay Buchanan. Pat Buchanan’s sister runs the Tanc’s campaign and however I would have done it different I cannot say but she has run it into the ground. (She is “Senior Advisor”; I have never heard of a “campaign manager” for the Tanc).

I take him at his word; he doesn’t want to be President he just desires to promote immigration reform. Unfortunately if he seriously intended to put immigration reform to the front of national attention he would have fired Bay Buchanan. Her campaign has put the Tanc even more into the middle of a collection of candidates who have drowned themselves, each other, out from the public eye. His campaign is dead but the only importance is that his cause is invisible. Can I blame the Tanc for that? To an extent I have to but I certainly blame him more for the choice of campiagn leader and I blame her to a massive extent.

I’ve oversimplified that to an extent. At the beginning when he made his campaign official the way it was communicated to me is that Tancredo’s team was made up from Pat Buchanan’s “old campaign staff”. Does anyone remember how well Pat Buchanan did the last few times he ran for President? How many votes did he get? What attention did he get and what sort of attention did he get? How much attention could Rep. Tancredo have pulled to his cause if the people he hired to promote him only have the experience of losers? This is what I have railed for seven months. I like the man and I root for him to get however much positive attention as he can. His campaign was a loser campaign since before the start and can only go in the direction of a loser campaign because it has nobody at the head acquainted with the feeling of victory.

Who do I support now? Shortly I will send a resume to the support team of former Senator Fred Thompson. The race for President has brought me many frustrations, especially with demands for early loyalty so far ahead of the Primary election, or even the year 2008. It helps any Presidential cause that the Man from Tennessee is a credible and viable candidate for the Party nomination, let alone for the Office, but quite importantly he hasn’t worn down my patience, and others’ patience, but imposing himself upon us so early. As far as principles he seems nearly as genuinely Conservative and philosophically pure as the so-called second tier candidates and moreso than the so-called top-tiered candidates. I have read his words and listened to him speak as Paul Harvey‘s substitute host, and heard a few words here and there from the Fred Thompson Report. His only major sin thus far is his support of McCain-Feingold; he repented for that, which is more than President Bush has ever done (or Senator McCain for that matter). I believe that waiting so long to enter the race is a strategically sound move. I wait patiently for Senator Thompson to enter the race.