I love this picture:
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The particular panel is scanned from

Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special 1

as reviewed by H at the Comic Treadmill.

In my opinion the Sinestro Corps, or at least an evil Corps of power ring wielders set to oppose the Green Lanterns, is an idea that is at least twenty years overdue when it comes to execution. The visual design on this particular Sinestro Corpsman is definitely 21st century though, and I cannot protest.

I keep thinking that the Sinestro Corps is not the best name they could come up with, but it isn’t the worst, and given some of my ideas over the years I wo’t judge this naming contrivance. It does a sound a bit like “The Legion of Elvises” or the George Washington Corps. Mind you, the George Washington Corps isn’t really a bad name at all, presuming the qualities of the group. Mind you, I think the Lincoln League sounds like mini-log cabin assembly club, with conventions every two years to show off little wooden architecture.

The bad guy Sinestro decided to name the group after himself; that is a better idea than calling them all Yellow Lanterns. The whole point of the yellow power ring is that the color yellow is the one thing a Green Lantern cannot effect with his own superpowers. Unless he can. But that’s a discussion for another day.