Yes I made Macaroni and Cheese without milk.

Rather, when I was making Macaroni and Cheese and had no milk to start with, I had to find a substitute. Macaroni and Cheese out of the box is macaroni, and once you cook that you mix the cooked pasta with margarine or butter, the powder mix, and 1/4 cup milk. I lacked milk, which always seems crucial to the mix, but if all the milk really is for is to turn the powder into cream, then any good-tasting liquid should work as a substitute. I used chicken liquid.

I defrosted and cooked a frozen chicken thigh using the microwave and set aside the chicken juices. I mixed that with some boiling water from the Macaroni cooking and mixed that in less than 1/4 cup. When I was putting the whole thing together I made sure there was approximately a teaspoon of sour cream in the mix, under the powder and then poured the chicken/water liquid on top of it all, just as one would milk and it works. It tastes good.

My solution worked well enough for me that I put a copy here.