I hate to do this in the middle of a news cycle but since these events tend to run together there will be a long break. Read my archives.

Essentially I will be taking from Thursday to Saturday to attend the Conservative Action Political Conference.

Tonight I will be traveling to DC with a bus-full of College Republicans.

Immediately afterwards I will be flying to Florida to spend “Spring Break” (I don’t actually have one, but I will be taking the trip regardless) serving with and as part of the college ministry of my church.

I have never yet ended the Hiatus of this blog, especially not officially and I will do so, if my plans and hopes come to bear, quite shortly, within three weeks. The effective hiatus will be most strong in the coming ten days as I will spend the DC trip and the Florida trip bereft of the Internet.

When I return I will be quite busy; after certain events and tasks are accomplished then we may see the end of the Hiatus, both effectively and officially.

Who wants to pray for my employment… that it starts again?