After Vice President Cheney was in relatively close proximity to a suicide/homicide bomber’s attack yesterday, one could find a short internet phenomenon in the Huffington Post’s menagerie of leftists claiming much anti-patriotism in the name of patriotism and a large disregard for the American VP’s life. These people are treasonous bastards. Moving on, here is one example. The poor spelling is not my fault.

Sypathy for the Devil.

Suddam Hussein attempted to assassinate former president George H.W. Bush in April 1993. George W. Bush mentioned this along with WMDs and other assorted reasons for needed to go to war with Iraq.

Turn the page.

Suicide bombers penetrate security in an attempt to kill VP Dick Cheney at a US military base in Afganistan. The Taliban claim responsibility, but we will soon learn of highly publicized evidence they were working on direct orders from Iran.

Same warmongering excuses, different day. By: paxinterra on February 27, 2007 at 10:42am
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“paxinterra” has what I would see as a nonexistent phase of patriotism and loyalty. The fact of the matter is that if any attempt on the life of any American President is made, be that POTUS Democrat or Republican, sitting or former, then certainly that attempt is a license of serious ass-kicking.
A true patriot knows this.

Only a know-nothing troglodyte would just wave it off as “an attempt”, “an excuse” for something else, and as something benign and insignificant.

Never mind the wasted energy on speculation that the American executive branch will fabricate a foreign plot for the simple purposes of warmongering.