Date: Feb 26, 2007 7:17 PM
Subject Analysis

Well, a while or so back, AP cooked up an “analysis” of military casualties in Iraq. Now, they determined that small towns in America have been hardest hit — suffering almost half of all casualties. These towns, of course, are isolated, mired-in-helplessness, poverty-stricken mud-holes where unsuspecting yutes escape their misery by signing up for military service… only to have Bush send them off to die in Iraq. As John Kerry said (that great visionary): If they were smarter, or had better options, they wouldn’t be stuck in Iraq.

Well, now we have another analysis cooked up by AP. They report that a decade after welfare reform became law, the welfare state is bigger than ever. According to AP: “Nearly one in six people rely on some form of public assistance, a larger share than at any time since the government started measuring two decades ago.”

Actually, the number of people getting cash handouts has “plummeted” since welfare reform, but government programs like Medicaid, food stamps, disability benefits — they’ve all exploded terribly. AP says this proves the evil welfare reform bill, which heartless Republicans forced President Clinton to sign, didn’t really work.

Let me, as always, offer the real analysis. More people are off welfare and working. Welfare reform is a huge success. Now, if the AP wants to argue that next we should reform government entitlements like Medicaid, food stamps, and disability benefits… bring it on! Conservatism works every time it’s tried!