Date: Feb 24, 2007 8:52 AM
Subject Own Defeat!

Last week — while the Drive-By Media focused on the circus hearings over Anna Nicole Smith’s body — Zubair Ahmed and Khaleel Ahmed, both in their 20s, both American citizens, were indicted by a Cleveland grand jury. The charge: conspiring to “kill or maim persons in locations outside of the United States… including US armed forces personnel serving in Iraq.”

The two Ahmeds are accused of recruiting terrorists, finding training sites, raising money, and researching IEDs — all to help other terrorists attack our troops in Iraq. Yes: they were doing it inside the United States.

Meanwhile, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry Reid has plans. He and other Democrat leaders want to take back the authorization Congress gave President Bush to wage war on terrorists. Democrats say, now, that the authorization is “too broad” and it’s “antiquated.”

Meanwhile, Democrat House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi is in a snit. She’s irate about Vice President Cheney’s truthful observation that Democrats’ anti-war stance is playing into the hands of Al-Qaeda. She fumed that Cheney attacked her patriotism. Not backing down, my hero Dick Cheney explained it’s not her patriotism in question, it’s her silly/stupid judgment. (He didn’t say that; those are my words. He said, “it’s her judgment.” I added the exciting words.)

Meanwhile, in Iraq, the terrorists are unleashing “dirty bombs,” using chlorine and propane gas. You doubt they’d use them here, if they could? Or dirty nukes? If you do, follow your elected Democrat leaders, take ownership of defeat in Iraq along with them, put your head in the sand, and just wait: more dead American bodies here will eventually prove you wrong