On one side are five members of the Justice League. On the other is the Secret Society of Super-Villains. The heroes and villains have switched minds and bodies. Which basically means that Superman’s mind is in the Wizard’s body (and vice versa). Wonder Woman and Plantmaster the Floronic Man are inhabiting each other’s bodies. That means that the Floronic Man has now switched genders and Wonder Woman has actually switched species as well. That’s not kosher. Batman owns the body of Blockbuster and Blockbuster now has a cape and a utility belt. Star Saphire is in Zatanna’s body; Zatanna is in Star Sapphire’s body. It goes without saying what is the present relationship between Green Lantern and Professor Zoom the Reverse Flash.

Naturally after the event on the cover they switch back. I’m not really spoiling anything to suggest that the good guys win, right?